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HUNTING FLIES (Norwegian title: Fluefangeren)

109 min, 2016

Izer Aliu’s feature film debut is a political metaphor about the rise and fall of a dictatorship. This warm classroom drama that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was screened at more than 30 film festivals worldwide - winning the Norwegian Peace Film Award; BUSTER's Best Children's Film at CPH PIX and nominated to the Nordic Council Film Prize in 2017. Hunting Flies was also shortlisted as a candidate for Norway’s Academy Awards submission in 2017 and the director was awarded an Amanda Award for Best director.


12 LABOURS (Norwegian title: 12 Bragder)

post production

Director Izer Aliu’s second feature film and his most personal yet is a comedy-drama about a 16-year-old boy who has to do 12 misdeeds to prove his loyalty to his gang of mates in the run-down housing development of southern Ryd, Sweden.


NORA (21 min, 2018) by Meena Rathor

CRAZY LOVE (31 min, 2018) by Izer Aliu

MAMMA (15 min, 2021) by Aslak Danbolt


in distribution

Our award winning short films are the testimony of our willingness to explore new and old relationships to fulfill two undeniable roles in keeping the entire film industry healthy. Firstly, they allow up and coming talent the chance to get noticed and refine their style. Secondly, they also help to encourage creativity and innovation that includes new ways of telling our stories.



Producer Khalid Maimouni is a distinct voice in the public debate for more representation and inclusion in the Norwegian film industry and a driving force for diversity awareness and regulatory changes in the Norwegian Film Institute.


An EAVE graduate, Maimouni has worked on documentaries for cinema and television since 2005. From 2012 to 2017 he accumulated extensive technical expertise in digital workflow management as a Camera Rental Manager, and later as a Post-Producer, at the largest rental and post-production company in Norway, Storyline Studios.


He founded the Oslo-based production company The End in 2013 (formerly Storyline Pictures), with an ambition to reach out to the voices of tomorrow by bringing audacious visions and engaging stories to the screen.

CEO & Producer

+47 94 98 69 41